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A Chicago Criminal Defender Who Can Handle Your 720 ILCS Charge


Being charged with a 720 ILCS crime in Cook County or discovering that you are under investigation for criminal activity is incredibly serious. You may look at high fines, other administrative penalties, and jail time if convicted. And even before that is decided, simply being charged can have a devastating impact on your life, negatively impacting your reputation and making previously simple things difficult – such as finding a place to live, landing a good job, qualifying for licenses or certifications pertaining to your career or business, or getting a loan.


And it is not enough merely to work with a lawyer – or even a criminal attorney. You need a Chicago defense lawyer who understands your specific charge and the Illinois criminal statute that governs it under 720 ILCS.


Andrew M. Weisberg brings unique knowledge and experience to bear when working with his clients because he understands how the Illinois criminal justice system works from both sides of the aisle. As a former Cook County prosecutor, his job was to use the law and the statutes covering specific crimes to secure convictions. This taught him how prosecutors think as well as the specific tactics and strategies they tend to use to prove defendants’ guilt. When he moved to the other side and started defending clients, he brought that knowledge with him.


Over the years, he has used this knowledge to make sure his clients get the best possible outcome in their case no matter what kinds of charges they are facing. Often this means that the charges – and penalties – are significantly reduced. Sometimes he has even been able to get the charges dropped or dismissed altogether or prevent charges from being filed in the case of investigations.



Don’t Delay – Contact a Knowledgeable Chicago Criminal Lawyer Now

Whatever 720 ILCS charge you find yourself up against, the best way to ensure you get the most positive outcome possible is to get a skilled defense attorney on your side as soon as possible. Mr. Weisberg understands both sides of the law and has helped countless people like you over the years to get their charges reduced, dropped, or dismissed.   If you decide to work with Andrew M. Weisberg, you will have a tireless advocate in your corner who knows exactly what is needed to get you the best possible outcome. But he can’t do anything until you reach out to him for a free consultation.   Get the ball rolling today by calling 773-985-4519, emailing, or by filling out our online case review form.